About Impeach Joe Biden Petition

This petition has been launched out of necessity. Americans are being asked to believe that the actions of Joe Biden and his family which have enriched them were unconnected to the policies that facilitated the enrichment. We are being asked to believe that joe Biden always does what’s best for America and the fact he that profiteers from it, legally or otherwise, is coincidence. This is the “plausible deniability, Jim Biden told business partner Tony Bobulinski, that was the basis for getting away with their profiteering.  

American corporate media is running a protection racket for Democrats, big business and the administrative state, all of whom have gotten rich off a globalist agenda that has hollowed out the American middle class. They have created for us an Orwellian nightmare in which they decide truth and it always supports their globalist agenda. political dissent in America is now deemed a threat to the Republic, after a for year orgy of political violence, rage and vitriol was not just excused but lauded as virtue.  

We intend to gather as many signatures as possible to remind the corrupt establishment who this country belongs to. These signatures will be relayed to members of congress. We will communicate with the band of patriots that join this cause to keep them abreast of progress and political threats designed to crush their decent.